Monday, June 29, 2009

Mnemonic: etc photosynthesis.... the best mnemonic i ever created..

the electron transport chain during photosynthesis...

there is one Z- scheme and one cyclic pathway... cyclic pathway is the main one and is most important as Z-scheme is just an extension of cyclic pathway...

so here it is..

plastoquinone(PQ) ----> reduced plastoquinone(PQH2)-----> FeS ---> cytochrome f (cyt-f) ---> plastocyanin (PC) -----> P-700---> FeS --> Ferradoxin (FD)------> cytochrome b (cyt b) ---> again PQ...

now... this can be memorised as ... Parrot Pocketed fully filled plastic cans 700 to Fill its Food breaking site

breaking site = cyt b

food = Ferradoxin

Plastic can = plastocyanin

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