Monday, June 29, 2009

mnemonic: Courtesy my little brain

hey, here is a tuff one..

for clotting factors present in blood in order...

very very useful though..

and the mnemonic is...

Four Policemen Taking CLUeS ASPHaLt .. plzz remember to insert a C b/w A and S in asphalt....

blood's 13 clotting factors in order ...these are actually denoted by the roman numerals...Factor I , Factor II etc.. upto factor XIII ...
Labile factor / proaccelerin
stable factor/ Serum prothrombin convergen factor/ proconvertin
Anti haemophilic factor-A (AHF-A)
Chrismas factor / (AHF-B)/ Plasma thromboplastin component
Stuart factor
Plasma thromboplastin antecedent (PTA) or AHF-C
hageman factor / glass factor / contact factor
Laki-Lorand factor / fibrinase / Fibrin stabilising factor..
its most difficult thing to memorise in AIPMT syllabus according to me...

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