Sunday, June 28, 2009

Making BIology easier.

This is a small piece on how all we can cheat without actually cheating...
A way to remember things easily.... a way to make biology easier...
Here are some of them. Most of these are my creations, but many are due to other genius ppl.

u all know tissue system..

there are many types of tissues..

let me tell you those of squamous epitheliumm


mesothelium , endothelium, henles loop , lungs alveoli, bowman's capsule , ...

it can be memorised as MEHAB ...

cuboidal epithelium

proximal tubule(PCT), pancreatic duct , distal tubule(DCT) , germinal epitelium of testes and ovary , choroid layer of eyes ( iris + ciliary body) , Respiratory bronchioles , duct of sweat and salivary glands

it can be memorised as Patna k Private Doctoron ne Gundo Ka Rishwad Swikara ...

columnar epithelium ..
Gall bladder
Bile duct
Intestinal glands ( crypts of leiberkuhn )
Gastric glands ( oxyntic cells and cheif cells)

this can be memorised as Go In Puraani Sabji mandi In Goa..

ciliated columnar epithelium

Respiratory tract
Auditory canal
Fallopian ducts
Tympanic cavity ( i.e middle ear)
Ventricles of brain..

Rukh At FTV .... or Fur Vala RAT ... both are equally good...

"to remember the essential elements
Chor ne mang kar pasta khaya

this one may be known to many but still is very important to mention here
Some say money matters but my brother says big books matter more.

where S=sensory
M= motor
B= both/ mixed

this is for remembering the function of cranial nerves "- From my friend 007jps

many of us remain confused about the types of blotting..
i mean which blotting technique is used for what...

southern blotting is used for DNA analysis
Northern blotting is used for RNA analysis
Western blotting is used for proteins

an easy way to memorise this...
south matlab Dakshin... DNA..

west matlab paschim ( or purab.. i'm awful with directions anyways...).. Protein..

aur bacha hai north our RNA.. so thats the only other match...

"stop codons are
now.. it is very easy to remember..
but there may be students like me who forget it a week after memorising this piece of information..

so, here it is..
UAA - ullu aaya aaya
UGA - ullu gaya aaya
UAG - ullu aaya gaya.." - my friend's biology teacher...

another one..
catadromous and anadromous migration..

catadromous - fresh water to marine water
anadromous - marine to fresh water..

one simple way..
we are freshwater ... if someone comes to our house, we say..
ana , ana ... ie marine habitait to fresh water is anadromous..

when someone goes.. we say.. tata - catadromous.. i.e if an organism leaves freshwater and enters marine - catadromous...

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