Sunday, July 19, 2009

mnemonimania: the vaccines courtesy my zoology sir and myself.

the vaccines used nowadays are of many types..
attenuated vaccines : weakened pathogens unable to cause disease but sufficient to activate our immune response..
eg. Influenza, BCG, OPV, yellow fever, small pox..
remembered as hI BOYS or boy's eye(I)

killed : dead pathogens used but their antibody sites are still funtional
eg. TAB vaccine, Typhoid vaccine, salk vaccine for polio, rabies, plague, typhus fever vaccine, and cholera
remembered as: TaTa SiR,Please Take Care.

cell fragments: this is real hell to remember even if u use a mnemonic.
eg. PCM : polysaccharide of cell wall of meningococcal bacteria

PCP: polysaccharide of capsule of pneumococcal bacteria

HBP : hepatitis B polypeptide.

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