Saturday, July 18, 2009

Human reproduction: - Basics of basics

Reproductive organs à 2 types

Primary( hence forth referred as 1* ) repro. Organs = which form gametes and secrete sex hormones. Eg. Gonads

Secondary(hence forth referred as 2*) repro. Organs = which assist 1* sex. Organs and help in transportation of gametes, support and development of embryo. Eg. Other sex. Organs.

In a 5-6 week old foetus, ovotestis is present, i.e till now, u cant say whether foetus is male or female. The ovotestis have a cortex(peripheral part which makes ovary) and medulla(central part which makes ductous system of male reproductive system) and 2 funnel like structures present.

The two funnels are mullerian duct (for making female repro.system) and wolffian duct (for making male repro. system)

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  1. yaar.. see how funny it is.. i knew the whole thing when i ws doing preparations of AIPMT.. and now.. nothing.. i just know the basics now....